Chapter VI – ‘Blissfully faded’

[Simcity University; Friday 9:35 AM] My first class is done and I’m waiting for the next one; usually I’d be at the café with Reggie but… we had a little bit of a fight last night. [Westwood apartments; Friday 2:12 AM] ‘So he makes you wake up in the dead of night to ‘talk’ and … Sigue leyendo Chapter VI – ‘Blissfully faded’


Chapter V – ‘One-on-One, plus one’

‘X-Xánder… H-hi! It’s been… a while, right?’ I half smiled. ‘Uh… Yeah. Are you good?’ His gaze trailed off. ‘Yeah, yeah! Everything’s fine, everything’s just… great!’ ‘I’m glad to hear that. Hey, it’s really crazy seeing you again, uh... Let’s not lose touch again, yeah?’ ‘Oh? S-sure, I wouldn’t want that.' Xánder and I exchanged … Sigue leyendo Chapter V – ‘One-on-One, plus one’

Chapter II – ‘Taking the wheel’

Remember last time when I moaned about how uneventful my life was? Ah, yeah. Those were the times. [Westwood apartments; Monday 6:36 AM] ‘You’re already up? Did you even sleep at all?’ Reggie said, groggily.  ‘Barely. I’m so nervous for first period today; I’m gonna show Mr. Andersen my manuscript... Do you think he’ll like … Sigue leyendo Chapter II – ‘Taking the wheel’